Advertising, strategy and creation for your digital presence.




We have the ability to incorporate all the necessary information in web design and digital marketing space, starting from the logo and reaching to complex branding strategies, steps meant to propel the business.


Logos, office related materials, visual identity, copywriting, offline materials & more.

Website creation

Landing page, online stores, website presentation, website redesign.


Promotion strategies, AdWords planning, Facebook ads, Instagram, offline promotion.

Web applications

Mobile software solutions, Android & iOS applications, responsive content adaptation & more.

SEO optimization

Content optimization for search engines, implementation of SEO modules, adaptation & more.

Hosting and admin

WEB hosting, domains, administration, database architecture, maintenance, cloud & more.


Free analysis of your project

To consider solving any task we need a few starting points; understanding your position in the industry, understanding your plans and goals and the nature of your project.

In this way we can adapt customized solutions, we can identify areas where we can intervene based on our expertise to provide you with sustainable growth in your quest to achieve the desired results.



This is how a standard project works



Following the detailed analysis of the requirements, we make a short plan that can maximize all the requirements and ideas we have in order to develop the project.



After making the sketch, we highlight the main directions of focus, start using your feedback, and figure out the exact route to your goal.



We begin to finalize the final shape of the materials with the adjustment corresponding to the feedback given by you. At this stage any detail remains open to the final change.



The last phase is the effective transformation of it from the project stage into reality, the implementation of materials / instruments, adjustment, calibration and maintenance.

Frequently asked questions

For further details, we are waiting for you on the contact page

Every project is different in nature, we cannot standardize prices for such particular things.

If you have a budget and goals, we can work together.

Yes! We support non- profit organizations and projects that take the good forward. 

Yes! Things can happen remotely, we have all the necessary tools.

Depending on the complexity, budget and availability, execution time may vary. We reserve a minimum of 5 working days, but there are projects that require even more resources, one of them being time.

The construction of visual identity is the first practical step for any new project. Logo, office and promotion materials, materials for established social channels, domain and hosting, website, administration and maintenance, online and offline promotion and other marketing fireworks.

Depending on the destination of the project, the necessary hours, the necessary skills, the complexity of the project, your requirements.

We thought of WebTaktik services as a complete solution for building or remodeling, strategy, promoting a business, all the tools necessary for a complete presence in the digital environment and partial offline. You don’t have to work with 10 different people for 10 services, in WebTaktik you can find them and work with all 10 in one place.

It would be impossible to name absolutely every task we can successfully complete, and in view of the fact that we are constantly adding skills and qualifications. We adapt to any innovation in our field to remain current and relevant, to meet the demands of a more dynamic market than ever before. Use the contact form! We love challenges.

The digital agency focuses a lot on online promotion, the identity of your project online, there are common services but, for example, a digital agency does not have the resources or skills necessary to film an advertising spot. Although in the same sphere, companies specialize in certain specializations, we can see the digital agency as an extension or a niche of advertising.

Of course not. The promotion possibilities are very diverse. Collaborations with the spheres of blogging, vlogging, collaborations in the field of online media, each industry has its own protagonists and tools. Depending on your objectives, in addition to the already traditional methods, there are unique, unconventional, courageous solutions that we can offer you.

Why choose us?

What does it mean to collaborate with Webtaktik?


Our services include web design and digital marketing space, hosting, SEO, social media, PPC, content writing, email marketing, etc …

We specialize in raising awareness of your brand, thus exponentially generating more conversion and sales opportunities.

We successfully tailor your campaigns to your audience in an authentic and effective way.

No customer is more important than you.

Unlike other digital agencies, with us your project will always be a priority and will never be postponed because someone "more important" comes.

In fact, we really achieve what we set out to do.

Watch our podcasts and videos or even click on our live events and you'll see that we're the industry leaders.

We come up with ideas for you.

We believe in tenacity. This means that we will proactively provide new opportunities to build on our initial growth strategies.

Are you at the beginning of the road or an experienced player?

New or ongoing project? Do you know what you want from a digital agency or are you unsure of what you need?

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